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Donna Judge

Donna Judge Edward F. Howell Award of Excellence

Clyde Metcalf

Clyde Metcalf Coach Award (Baseball)

Jeff LaHurd

Jeff LaHurd Community Steward Award

Doug Corbett

Doug Corbett Male Athlete (Baseball)

Willie Jackson

Willie Jackson Male Athlete (Football)

Joe Cash

Joe Cash Male Athlete (Circus/Water Skiing)


Tom Koski

Tom Koski Edward F. Howell Award of Excellence

Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey Community Steward Award

Barry Redden

Barry Redden Male Athlete (Football)

Gregg Troy

Gregg Troy Coach Award (Swimming)

Doug Million

Doug Million Male Athlete (Baseball)

Jane Lutz

Jane Lutz Teacher Award


Dr. Thomas W. Clyburn

Dr. Thomas W. Clyburn Edward F. Howell Award of Excellence

Karen Stottlemyer Eastmoore

Karen Stottlemyer Eastmoore Community Steward

Ray Suplee

Raymond C. Suplee Male Athlete (Baseball)

Buff Betz

Buff Betz Coach Award (Cheerleading)

Paul Reubens

Paul Reubens (Drama)

Charles Cleland

Charles Cleland Coach Award (Football)


Judge Lee Haworth

Judge Lee Haworth Edward F. Howell Award of Excellence

Lou Ann Palmer

Lou Ann Palmer Community Steward (Circus)

Jimmy DeBose

Jimmy DuBose Male Athlete (Football)

Ed Foster

Ed Foster Coach Award (Baseball & Football)

Dolly Jacobs

Dolly Jacobs Female Athlete (Circus)

Derek Lilliquist

Derek Lilliquist Male Athlete (Baseball)


Eddie Howell Sr.

Eddie Howell Sr. Edward F. Howell Award of Excellence

Wayne Garrett

Wayne Garrett Male Athlete (Baseball)

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson Male Athlete (Football)

Page Dunlap Halpin

Page Dunlap Halpin Female Athlete (Golf)

Michael Klauber

Michael Klauber Community Steward (Tennis)

Ron Jones

Ron Jones Coach Award (Wrestling)

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